Antonio Rodriguez, wearing a pink dress shirt and horn-rimmed glasses, and a smile.

Hi, my name is Antonio, and I enjoy leading teams and building products.

About a decade ago, a friend and I founded a web development company and later sold it to a marketing firm. This entrepreneurship experience was more educational than lucrative, quickly orienting me on how essential ethics, morals, and empathy are if I aspire to be a just leader and promote a healthy environment at work.

Since then, I've worked as a Chief Technology Officer, an Engineering Manager, a Director, and an Individual Contributor to many teams, projects and products with various levels of effort and impact. Currently, I'm exploring different disciplines and have taken on a Technical Product Owner role at a Global tools company. Which is my favorite role? I honestly do not know, they all have pros and cons, and I absolutely enjoy them.

Aside from work, I put most of my efforts into being a loving, conscious, and involved parent, a better husband, and a healthier person, mentally and physically.

Thanks for visiting!