Tools of the trade

These greatly affect my daily work.

  • Adobe XD

    vector-based design tool

  • create-react-app

    react framework

  • CSS Grid Layout

    powerful layout system for CSS

  • Docker

    containerization platform

  • ES9

    JavaScript language update

  • Flexible Box Module

    aka. flexbox, layout system for CSS

  • Gatsby

    static site generator for React apps

  • Ghost

    publishing platform

  • Let's Encrypt

    certificate authority

  • MacBook Pro

    15-inch Intel Core i9

  • Netlify

    incredible frontend code hosting

  • Next.js

    framework for server-rendered React apps

  • ngrok

    localhost tunnel

  • Node.js

    JavaScript server-side runtime for client-side and back-end applications



  • Prettier

    opinionated code formatter, it's so good

  • React

    JavaScript library for building user interfaces

  • React Hooks

    React state mangement method

  • Rectangle

    mac os window control app

  • Sketch App

    design toolkit

  • styled-components

    css-in-js library


    time tracker

  • Visual Studio Code

    text editor

  • vue.js

    JavaScript framework

  • WASD Keyboards

    mechanical sweetness

  • Zsh

    command-line shell

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